Luna, formerly known as Penelope, was your typical dime-a-dozen dog found in the San Antonio shelter as far as looks are concerned.  An skinny pit bull with her ears cut off. I wish I could say we didn’t see that often, but sadly, it is our reality. Most of the time, these types of dogs, combined with negative behavior notes, don’t make it out alive.  Mission Miracle K9 Rescue had just suffered the tragic loss of one of our dogs who didn’t make it through surgery recovery.  In his honor, we resumed rescuing in a heavier capacity that week.  We emailed the local shelter inquiring about the dogs that were most at risk for euthanasia that morning, and they sent us back 5 different dogs. Luna was one of them. She was described as having no manners, and pushy with other dogs.  Those types of notes are the ones that don’t make a dog like her appealing to many rescues or the general public.

   Without meeting her, we decided to pull Luna into our rescue. We figured whatever behavior issues came up, we would be equipped to handle. We picked her up, she was emaciated with horribly cropped ears, but oh so sweet and appreciative. We were prepared to have her in our program for quite some time due to her looks and possible behavior issues. So without hesitation, we took her back to our kennels for some rest and recovery.

    Once Luna had put on a substantial amount of much needed weight, we introduced her to play group. We were prepared for a pushy dog that would likely irritate the other dogs and cause fights. But what we got was a super sweet girl, who loved to run FAST and who was extremely well socialized! That being said, she became one of our play group rock stars, helping new dogs who were entering play group be more confident and definitely bringing energy to the yard, which is so important when a dog is unsure whether they should play or retreat to a safer place.

    Months went by and Luna got zero adoption interest. There was an inquiry here and there when someone was interested in a running buddy, but no prospects. The truth was we were in no rush for her to leave. Matt had fallen in love with her and she lived with him on his property. She helped us work and rehab other dogs. But, if we keep them all, then there’s no room to save more. So we finally made the decision at the end of last year to send her to one of our rescue partners up north, where she would have a much better chance at finding her forever home.

   It was such a difficult goodbye, but we knew it was what was best for her.  Matt dropped her off at the shelter and as hard as that was, we knew she’d likely only sit there for a couple weeks since their length of stay was so short. At least so we thought… Matt returned the following month to find she had not yet left. As Matt stopped in one last time before returning home, there was a family with two other dogs filling out an application for her. He was fortunate to get to meet this family and participate in the meet and greet with the other dogs….

The rest is history! She finally found her forever home and we are so excited we got to be part of that process just as we would if she was here. We get updates from her family regularly, most of them are her playing with her 4 legged furry sibling. We couldn’t be happier that this unwanted dog from San Antonio is living like a princess where she will be loved and cherished for the rest of her life.